Pops of Quilted Acessories

Readin CornerPosting works in progress shots online is totally acceptable. In that case, it must also be okay to put up unfinished works of art on your walls too. Am I right? Maybe a bit of a stretch but in my studio it is okay. Check out my newest WIP tacked on the wall of my reading corner. I took the summer off to read a few books but have yet to put them down. I recently finished reading; Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I’m now a couple hundred pages into Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. Here is to the pops of quilted accessories in my reading corner and my never-ending summer reading list.


calculator pencil case

My favorite day of the week is Throw Back Thursday, #tbt or #throwbackthursday. I’m obsessed with my Instagram dogs and every Thursdays my Instagram feed is filled with puppy photos.

I don’t have puppy photos to share but I do have stacks upon stacks of photographs of my works in progress and finished project. I want to belong to #tbt too. This is my #TBT contribution.

Patchwork pencil-case that looks like a calculator with embroidered numbers and zipper #tbt

I’m also including my photo from last week.  Silkscreened embroidery hop on shirt and embroidered lettering #tbtWIP embroidered shirt


Snap Happiness

Plus One Quilt Pattern | Not Your Run of the MillI am snap happy! I easily can take hundreds of photographs in a single session, such as,  this cute quilt. How many photos of one quilt does a girl need? Two photo sessions worth.

No sense hoarding my photos, here is one of my favourite quilt photo, ever.  The matching Converse are perfect. Enough said for now.

This is not an isolated incident of snap happiness. I once snapped over 500 photos of our puppy with my sister. That was a fun day. My sister just posted a photo on Instagram of Pippa from that day and she is winking at the camera.



9 Patch Quilt Pattern Improved… Overhauled… A Lot of Extra Goodies

Red, Pink & Aqua pattern updateI recently did a complete gut and overhaul of one pattern in my shop. I added extra goodies on top of my highly improved instructions. Once I got started on the update details or rather a drastic upgrade; I found it difficult to restrain myself. If I were selling this as a printed hard copy, adding approx. 12 pages of extra goodies isn’t realistic, since it’s a digital pattern I got to keep everything I envisioned. It turned out to be a 16 page pattern, not overwhelming I promise.

If you have previously ordered my Red, Pink & Aqua 9 Patch pattern, then you should already have received the update, if not, email me.

The responses rolling in are amazing, everyone is loving the new instructions! One customer even stated that she barely even has to think while making the quilt! The details… Red, Pink & Aqua 9 Patch 

  • 7 quilt sizes: baby, crib, lap, twin, double, queen and king
  • Highly requested list of fabrics used
  • Fabric requirements and detail cutting instructions
  • Block assembly and quilt top construction
  • Visual quilt maps
  • Fat quarter friendly

I may have set my personal pattern writing standards high. The quilt pattern I’m writing now  keeps expanding, I might end up with 20 pages before I decided to wrap it up.

Find this pattern in my shops Etsy & Craftsy

Lazy Day Cat Napping

lazy day nappinglazy day nappingThe moments you catch your fur babies napping on a quilt you made for yourself. Obviously they take over all the quilts. There are getting so big now. Pst, do you see Wyatt stretching in the background?

Fabric Stack #4

fabric swatches 4


I have been asked countless times, “what fabrics did you uses in this quilt?”  They are all referring to the Red, Pink & Aqua 9 Patch quilt. For the longest time I knew they were Michael Miller but, this quilt was made at a time where I simply cut fabric off the bolt instead of clicking how many yards I wanted to buy, tracking down the names of each fabric required a bit of searching.

  1. Michael Miller flutter butter
  2. Michael Miller aqua red daisy foo little aqua
  3. Michael Miller dumb dots petal
  4. Michael Miller mini mikes aqua
  5. Michael Miller ta dot ocean
  6. Michael Miller mini mikes dot duo red
  7. Michael Miller aqua red stitch petals aqua
  8. Michael Miller nearby florals
  9. Michael Miller dot n’ square aqua
  10. Michael Miller tiny gingham red
  11. Moda bella solid 97

As a disclaimer this quilt was made a few years back and not all fabrics are available today. I wish you the best luck in your search for the perfect Red, Pink & Aqua.

Fabric Stack #3

fabric stack #3I used the Petal Pinwheels line as my jumping off point but felt that I need to add more variety and a few small-scale of prints to complete my 10 fat quarter collection.

I think a Sherbet, Aqua and Grey colour pallet is a fresh update to my Red, Pink and Aqua 9 Patch pattern. The fabric stack I put together is mostly Michael Miller but true to my style I mixing together a few fabric lines then I tossed in some Riley Blake as well as some oldies but goodies that I scoured for in my stash.

fabric swatches #3

  1. Michael Miller Out to Sea Anchors Away Grey
  2. Riley Blake Medium Dots Grey
  3. Michael Miller Petal Pinwheels Tile Piles Sea foam
  4. Michael Miller Petal Pinwheels Petal Pinwheels Aqua
  5. Michael Miller Mini Mikes Dots N’ Squares Aqua
  6. Michael Miller Petal Pinwheels Petal Pinwheels Canary
  7. Michael Miller Petal Pinwheels Petal Garland Canary
  8. Michael Miller Pinhead Sherbet
  9. Michael Miller Wee Wander Nature Walk Coral
  10. Michael Miller Petal Pinwheels Pegs a Plenty Multi

School’s Out Forever

Some Assembly RequiredThis gorgeous weather sure helps out a girl to unwind after the most stressful year of school ever. I’m coming down from the high of Graduation! I’m done! School’s out forever!!!

Visual Arts BFA Grad ShowUNIVERSITY_OF_THE_FRASER_VALLEY_PHOTOGRAPHYHere’s a brief breakdown of what I’ve been up too.

I researched and wrote a ton on art. I tackled an artist statement that required multiple editing sessions but its something I can look back on and be very proud of. Instead of homework I made a quilt. Well the quilt was part of my final grad project but since I was so much fun sewing it felt like play. I painted an enormous canvas, which is also the largest painting I’ve ever attempted. I hung my work in the gallery space. Then wrote and memorized a speech. In the span of three days I presented my work to the entire faculty for a critique, again the following day for a guest critic and finally celebrated the opening night of the Some Assembly Required at The University of the Fraser Valley with my grad class and family.

working on grad projectI had a permanent smile for those three days. I’ve never been so excited. I have Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts or BFA!

Some Assembly Required Poster