Colossal Chevron Quilting Activity Book

colossal chevron quilt at rachel

Colossal Chevron Quilting activity book is a 33 page plan of action with beautiful diagrams that will guides you through the creative quilt making process. The Colossal Activity Book contains 5 chapters to help take little snippets out of finishing your quilt, because, there is more to making a quilt that then instruction to cutting up fabric and sewing it back together.

The 5 chapters are divided into; The Activity Book, Prep Work, Colossal Chevron Quilt Pattern, Finishing Touch and Hooray! The End.

  • Making the most of your quilting activity book. Printable activity sheets will get you over the creative road blocks that prevent you from moving forward, by taking baby steps towards your finished quilt.
  • Prep Work Activity Sheets will guide you in planning of your quilt design by playing with colour combinations to ensure that you love your quilt before you even sew a stitch. Take the printable shopping list to the quilt store with you and get everything you need before heading back home to cut out your quilt pieces.
  • Colossal Chevron Quilt Pattern walks you through the entire pattern in baby steps with stellar diagrams the entire way.
  • Finishing Touch Activity Sheets helps take your finished quilt top to a finished quilt.
  • Hooray! The End. Don’t forget to check off your progress while making your quilt.

cat get off my quilt

cat laying on folded stack of quilts

Why a quilting activity book?
Because I packed 33 pages full of useful tips that you would have learned in a classroom.

Finished size: 80″ x 90″

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