The evolution of my airmail binding tutorial

airmailbinding_notyourrunofthemill2Click above image to download

Finish any sized quilt project with airmail binding.  Bonus, it looks super cool too. Make something for yourself, or blow your friends away with your ingenuity. This may inspire an amazing project for a friend, who, travels glamorously around the world with you as their traveling buddy. I foresee little pouches and mug-rugs in your quilting project lineup.

What is included:

  • For the visual and scholastic quilter, your notes are on ‘lined paper’. I stitched every 1/4″ with light blue thread on a white fabric cut to the size of an 8 1/2″ x 11″ notebook.
  • Still visual but need to hold something in your hand? I have included a printer friendly PDF.

What you will make

Binding for any project of any size.


Sample Project

Envelope with Airmail Binding, 12″ x 10″. This project you may have seen, elsewhere. Hint, hint, on my sidebar. I designed this project to use as my email subscription button. I love it. Plus I have this retro envelope displayed in my studio, because, it is too pretty to use as a mug rug. Hum. Although it would look spectacular with coffee ring stains.

airmail envelope

I’ve blogged about this tutorial, skip to the link. Airmail Binding blog post.

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